Twilight Tales

To round off a wonderful Moving On day we teamed up with Starfish music and organised a Twilight Tales community storytelling festival in the Paddock in Lewes. We were delighted that so many people came on a beautifully warm summer’s evening. As the sun set, our professional storytellers Richard Waring, Sally Edwards, Jon Mason,  Jamie Crawford and Leo Sedgley captivated the audience with exciting, funny and slightly terrifying stories around the Moving On structures which were especially illuminated for the event.  Kaleidoscope youth group even performed a fairy tale dance especially for the event. A big success!


“PATINA drew on a strong pool of talent among local artists, writers and performers to create a wonderful event that has helped to raise the profile of spoken-word storytelling, stories and literacy for children. Having told stories at many festivals and gatherings, I can say that Twilight Tales had its own very special magic: as the shadows deepened among the trees of the Paddock and coloured lights began to cast their glow on the children’s creations, listeners of all ages were drawn ever closer into the stories’ imagined worlds. It was a great evening! ” Jamie Crawford

Author: Caroline

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