Moving On Parade – 7.7.17!

Wonders of Our World

Involving over 700 children, parents, carers and teachers every year since 2002, Moving On is Lewes’ unique and much-loved way of celebrating local children’s transition from primary to secondary school and into adolescence.  This year’s “Wonders of Our World” theme is set to be a spectacular celebration of connections with people and places around the globe, with the children’s interpretations of extraordinary natural phenomena, iconic architecture and festivals from around the world.

Each school in the parade will represent one of the most popular and exciting places suggested by the children and our local community.  After an entertaining presentation of all the destinations in the parade in May, there was much excitement as children found out which wonder of the world had been picked at random for their school. Ever since, the whole area has been a hive of activity, working with Patina artists on this mass arts project learning carnival arts and creating the costumes and sculptures for all to enjoy when the Moving On Parade comes to town on 7 July.

The parade itself is the culmination of many months of activity which has included clay people on their travels popping up around town and indeed the world, an international dance evening and an informal survey of languages spoken in the Moving On area. The results revealed a very impressive number of languages spoken in the town and surrounding villages.

Given the travel theme, people near and far have also been invited to write postcards with messages of good luck and encouragement for the children as they make the next big step in their lives. Patina have been overwhelmed by the wonderful response, including hundreds of postcards coming in from local residents and from our twin towns in France and Germany. Any last cards can be put in the Patina post box in the Tourist Office!

Moving On is just that – very moving. Why not experience the children’s world tour yourself on 7 July and cheer all our kids on, as they celebrate moving on to the next stage of their adventures.

Author: Caroline

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