Join the Great Geocache Easter Egg Hunt – 20 March!

On 20 March we are holding our first Great Geocache Easter Egg Hunt with Lewes Map around the studios of artists working in Lewes and surrounding villages. Using the GPS co-ordinates of the studios provided at the start of the hunt, families will use their phones and other web enabled devises to find the location of each “cache”, which will be small Easter eggs located in each studio. Our theme for 2016 is “We are Walking Works of Art” and we want to give local children ( of all ages!) the opportunity to actually meet local artists, see what they do and how, while having all the fun of a technology based Easter egg hunt around Lewes and villages.


The event will take place in and around Lewes on Sunday 20 March from 1pm – 5pm. We will run a welcome desk at the starting point at Waterstones, 220 High Street, Lewes, where families and young people will receive the information they need to participate, in terms of the instructions, a section of the Lewes Map, co-ordinates of the studios and information about the artists’ work. There will be a small charge of £3 per person to participate in the hunt, £8 for a family of 4, to cover costs. No pre-registration is needed. The event is open to people of all ages, but young people under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult.

At each studio, participants will find a small Easter egg supplied by Patina, which will be in the “cache”. They will also be given a small sticker to put on their map to show that they found and visited the studio. People are invited to return to the starting point at the end of the hunt, where there will be prizes to be won.

Artists interested in participating, clearly at no cost to yourselves, or for further information, please contact Patina at


Author: Caroline

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