Illustrator Geocache Easter Egg Hunt in the sun

Over 200 children and families participated in our Illustrator Geocache Easter Egg Hunt using technology to discover the many illustrators who work in Lewes. Participants were treated to chocolate mini eggs at each studio or venue and could chat to the illustrators about their work and careers. Challenges were set to draw objects in the studios and other fun activities were available to have a go at illustration. Those who managed to find all the studios won a suitably cartoon-like chocolate rabbit!

We were so lucky to work with amazing illustrators for this project: Abbie Stanton, Malcolm Trollope Davis, Chelsea Renton, Pete Hellicar, Galia Pike, Olivia Bullock, Liz Temperley, Dave Shephard, Dan Johnson, Emily Warren, Michi Mattias, Iain Paxton, Leigh Hodgkinson, Lyndsey Smith and Will Mabbit. We would like to thank them so much for giving their time and their energy to this event and making it so special.

Feedback has been wonderful –

Huge congrats on the geocache yesterday – what a fabulous way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon! My daughter loved it. – Jane, parent

Wow, what an amazing event Sunday was, It was great to see so much enthusiasm from the children towards it all and it seemed to be popular. – Kate, adult

Great idea – we would love to do it again! – Lucy, aged 8

Soo fun! We ran everywhere. It was really great! Iris, aged 11

Yayyyyy! We liked Chelsea Renton, we were the only ones to get to Rise Farm and it was scary but fun! Catherine, aged 11

Really wonderful experience. The kids were really into the challenge. I was pleased they ran from place to place! Tired kids, happy dad! Eric, parent

Great exercise! Dan, aged 10

The best day out in Lewes we’ve had! Two boys have completely different personalities but both loved it: the map/tech worked for one, the art of the other. So much organisation and effort from all involved. Would love another one.

Thanks it was amazing! It is so inspiring to see artists making a living from what they love doing. A really enjoyable afternoon! Maybe more time so we can see everything next time!

Thanks for a great afternoon. If it was a little bit longer we might have seen everyone but it was still brilliant to see such great work. Thank you!

A great idea and a lot of fun finding places and people that we didn’t know. A bit short of time to see everything but the time we spent (2.30 – 5pm) was about right for a 7 year old’s legs. Well done – great!

It was great to see the different arts styles. Anna, aged 11

Perfect weather for it and loved bumping into everyone. Oriana, parent

Absolutely loved it. So good to show the kids the creative careers they could have. Lucy, parent

“It was brilliant and really well organised. Well done!” Jeremy, parent.


Author: Caroline

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