A thousand blessings

“What an amazing gift to our children and our community. To have that moment when the traffic stops, the people gather and the children feel the eyes of Lewes on them wishing a thousand blessings on the next stage of their journey- thank you.”

We received this gorgeous message last year from a year 6 parent about Moving On. So we thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful to capture those blessings so that the children could see all the wishes and words of wisdom people are have for them? WallandsFabio The Wonders of Our World Moving On project has all been about celebrating our connections with people and places around the world. Given our travel related theme, we thought we would invite people to send good luck messages on postcards. We never imagined we would get literally hundreds from people across the Lewes area, young children, parents, great grandparents and clients of a day care centre for older residents. Then when we received over 400 cards from the children of our twin towns Waldshut-Tiengen and Blois, we were utterly moved. What fantastic gestures of friendship and support from near and far. Thank you so much everyone who took the time. We have given the cards to every single child moving on and their reactions have been of fascination, excitement and delight. Many of the children are writing back to their correspondents abroad. The start of some wonderful friendships we hope!

Author: Caroline

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