Patina was set up in 2002 by a group of parents and teachers in Lewes who were concerned that art was being given less focus in the primary curriculum. The organisation has grown and developed over the years. Six schools were involved in the first Moving On Parade, a number that has grown to fifteen today. Our flagship activity is a town-wide arts project that culminates in the Moving On Parade and we have further developed a range of activities that we provide, including a a new intergenerational arts project in partnership with Priory School and The Phoenix Day Care Centre in Lewes.

We are a network of parents, teachers, artists and volunteers, who work together to create:

  • new opportunities for children and teachers to work directly with local professional artists
  • celebratory arts events that bring benefit to the whole community

We raise funds, coordinate artists, promote and advocate for the arts, support parents and teachers – and oversee the production of the Moving On Parade.

The Moving On Parade is an important part of the local cultural calendar, much looked-forward-to by the children who participate as well as by the community of parents, older children and volunteers who help out. Workshops in carnival arts take place in school to create a stunning moving tide of sculptures, costumes and music – made by the children working with a team of local artists.

The procession culminates in a community party in the Paddock Park, during which local young bands from Starfish play and a local produce shop supplies vast amounts of fruit to keep the children happy, healthy and cool.


Patina in Numbers

1 –    Transition celebration of this kind in the world

4 –    Whole-town events organised by Patina to raise funds for Moving On 2019

5 –    Freelance Patina artists teaching in schools in 2019

6 –    Volunteer Trustees meeting 5 times a year

10 –  Hours of presentations children’s literature to local children

13  –   Children with significant disabilities in Moving On 2019

17 –  Schools participating this year

18  – Number of years Moving On has taken place

21 – Priory pupils in the parade samba band

27 – Priory pupils helping in primary schools in 2019

55 – Parents participating in masterclasses in 2019

64  – Days Patina artists spent on Moving On in 2019

410 – Children moving on in 2019

1500+ People participated in and/or watched parade in 2019

6000+  Children have moved on since 2002

6,000+ – Hours that will be spent by children in art workshops in 2019


What people say about Patina and Moving On:

“What an amazing gift to our children and the wider community! To have that moment when the traffic stops, the people gather and the children feel the eyes of Lewes wishing a thousand blessings on the next stage of their journey – thank you.”  [Alisdair – Annan teacher and year 6 parent]

“I’ve never seen Patina until today and wow I am so proud of every single child. Brought tears to my eyes seeing my son and realising how much he has grown over his time at primary school. Thank you for giving him a platform to show how amazing he and all the other kids really are.” [Emily, Year 6 mum, Pells]

“Loved the whole process. Felt very privileged to be a small part of Patina. Loved our artists. Very well run and organised. Thank you for your continuous efforts, hard work and love of the arts. Makes the leavers’ end of year so special.” [Lai Lee, parent]

“Moving On was the best thing I did in year 6. The best thing in the whole time at Primary school in fact..” [Year 7 student]

“It just shows how much the community values its young people and creates a nurturing ethos. It wouldn’t happen if the community didn’t care so much” [Participant in Moving On Exhibition]

“Huge thank you to you both for organising another fantastic feat and festival of creativity and joy”. [parent]

“It made me feel “This is my town. I love it here.” [Parent]

“The Patina Moving On Parade is a wonderful Lewes tradition, celebrating for young people the end of one stage of education and the beginning of another. It’s an event that really does bring the whole of Lewes together, and gives a free rein to creativity!”  [Julian, Priory School Deputy Head]

“Moving On is one of the things which makes me so proud of Lewes – a time when it seems as if the whole town comes to bear witness and celebrate an important time when our young people embark on a new phase of life and move on to senior school.  I was talking to an older lady in the crowd who says it’s a highlight of her year, without having any grandchildren or particular connection, but to see this explosion of creativity and the different schools coming together in this way.” [Tara,  parent]

“Patina – it’s one of those words that comes to mind, when you think Lewes” [ Lewes District Ranger]

“The buzz at Chailey Heritage is still to die down after what can only be described as a sensational day! Thank you so much for making it accessible for our young people. Your enthusiasm and organisation is truly commendable. The parents were overcome with emotion due to the fact their children were marking a huge transition in their lives with other children from across the area” [Teacher, Chailey Heritage school for children with complex disabilities]

“ Patina’s Moving On Parade has just been promoted to most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen. # emotional” [Michael, supporter]

“Wow those Patina people pulled it off again. How brilliant” [ Onlooker]


Patina Moving On 2019 – Thank you list

  • Lewes Town Council, Tapestry, Sussex Community Foundation, The Chalk Cliff Trust, Fonthill Foundation, National Lottery, Michael Bell and Priory School for their very generous grants and donations
  • Herbert Scott for kindly sponsoring our programme,
  • Emma Carlow for being our magnificent graphic designer
  • Our wonderful Patina artists – Dorothy Rosser, Maia Eden, Nikki Gunson, Sandrine Case. MaryFellows, Fiona Edwards, Katie Griffiths and Sally Miller
  • Michael Blencowe for presenting in all the primary schools and on parade day
  • Julia Haltrecht for all her help selling our tshirts
  • Peter Earl and all our fabulous stewards on parade day
  • All the school teachers, reps and many volunteers who helped us fundraise and coordinate all year to make Moving on possible.
  • Lewes FC for their excellent support with our Dream Team 5 a side fundraiser and for choosing Patina as one of their charities for 2016/17.
  • Intersport Lewes for supporting our Dream Team kids’ 5 a side competition and providing the trophy and medals
  • Bill’s for very kindly supplying the fruit on parade day,
  • King’s Framers, Intersport Lewes, Si’s Sounds and Pell’s Pool for their continued moral support, ticket and tshirt selling,
  • All at Viva Lewes for their invaluable support
  • Rachel O’Brien and the team at the Sussex Express
  • Steve Franklin and the fab bands at Starfish
  • Mr Phil Rose and the excellent students from Sussex Downs College
  • Kaleidoscope for dancing and kindly fundraising
  • Neil Turner for kindly creating our website
  • Edward Reeves Photographers for the excellent photos
  • Tony Smith, Sara Riley, Julian Ashworth, Amanda Burgess and all the super talented students involved from Priory School
  • The Supernatural Things, DJs Alboy, Leo and Barney, and everyone who helped at Ditch the Detox
  • East Sussex Highways, East Sussex Police and Lewes Fire brigade  for all their help
  • John Harvey Tavern, Rites of Man and the Lewes Arms for their support offering meeting space and electricity
  • Lewes New School for giving us space for our masterclasses.
  • Nevill Bonfire for the barriers
  • The Patina Trustees for volunteering huge amounts of their own time and energy – Brian Davies, Kevin Scott, Nick Bodimeade, Dr Fiona Graham, Karen Head and Caroline Croft.
  • All businesses and individuals who hired our Christmas fundraising lanterns and gave raffle prizes
  • The staff of the Lewes Town Council and Lewes Tourist Office for all their help with our initiatives
  • Our extraordinary Artists’ Advisory Panel for all their support


Governance and management

Patina has a Board of Trustees who are active volunteers from across the education and business sectors. The current Patina board members are:

Brian Davies, Kevin Scott, Nick Bodimeade,  Karen Head, Dr. Fiona Graham, Julian Warender and Caroline Croft

Patina Development Co-ordinator: Caroline Croft

Patina Artist Co-ordinator:  Sophie Cameron.

For more information please contact patinalewes@gmail.com or visit the Patina Lewes Facebook page.